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So I've got this friend named Erich, and he's pretty skilled at photography. It just so happens that he enjoys taking pictures of me while I'm skiing among other things. On a related note, Armada team member Travis Steeger tragically passed away a little over a month ago in his native British Columbia. Erich and I decided to take a picture paying tribute to a sick shot of Travis. Now, Erich is taking things one step further by making the picture into a poster, and donating any profits from poster sales to the Steeger fambly. Take a look at the shots he has to offer, they're the perfect way to turn your lame dorm room into a radical hanging pad. Erich's got some sick stuff to offer so check it out, and if you buy the poster on the front page, proceeds will go to a family in their time of need. Hit ze link:


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First of all, Rest In Peace Shane McConkey. You will be sorely missed by the entire ski community. Shane played an instrumental role in shaping freeskiing into what it is today. I'm sure Shane went just the way he wanted to go, as anyone could tell you, Shane lived to ski just as much as he skied to live. The cliffs and blower pow in heaven have met their match in Shane, and he will remain a cover shot for the sport of skiing forever. RIP

Next up on the chopping block, a speedy end to the winter season. Spring was the name of the game ever since mid February. It seems as though old man winter couldn't quite stand up to the warming breaths of mother nature waking up, a bit prematurely might I add, from a deep slumber. So for all those action sport fans out there, here's a little dose of mountain dew for ya.

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Was that not enough? I didn't think so, it was a very hasty winter after all. Well Matthew Milewski, the head honcho and creative guru behind the Moving Mixtapes, is still in the midst of a very busy winter. From filming wannabes like Tommy Shimko and Dan Cardon, to lapping with the likes of LJ Strenio, MM's 08/09 offering is shaping up to be a choice cut of meat. For now, just point your browswer over to MatthewMilewskidotcom until the new MM site drops. Might I add that the forthcoming of a new website from the creative heads up in Burlington is sure to bring all sorts of e-goodies. And now, in the tradition of the fair city of Dallas and the infamous Debbie, Moving Mixtapes does Toggenburg. Be sure to click the HQ button to hear my voice crack in High Def!

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