madwood meets bollylib...wait

these joints served hot hot hot with a side of red curry:
Indian Deli might sound familiar if you've been following the Jiberish team this season:
The 2nd song in that edit is pretty banger too, so why not download it here.

stay tuned for more madlib week


madlib the bad kid

Check it out.. I hooked it up like the cable guy on this one...
posted this a day or two ago, now you can download it, word.

and here's a new one, if you're like me you will hate this song the first 10 times you hear it, but then you'll be up late at night working on something, or driving and it will come on that 11th time and you'll be in love.


madlib week

double track from madlib's experimental jazz project, Yesterday's New Quintet.

and another track from YNQ, good summer time joint:


start of a trend

I have unofficially decided that it's madlib week. For the next week I'm gonna put up my favorite stuff from arguably the most versatile modern musician. ack like ya know

I'll open with one of his more famous cuts from his Lootpack days.

and now to take it to the complete opposite end of the spectrum...I love this song, and the album it's from as well. Madlib was given access to the entire library of Blue Note Records with the explicit instructions to chop, mix, and mingle. The video ain't bad to look at either




things just aren't made the same anymore
when things were made the same, were they still not made the same anymore?


Bronze Nazareth- the Bronzeman



NYC updated

these grainy, epileptic pictures tell the tale of a night of cheap chinese food, sapporo beer, and manhattan

browning out next to the tracks at 3am

little known fact: I shot the cover of slumdog millionaire months after the movie was released. producers came forward in time to get it.

six floor drop to trains


this conversation did not end well

430 feet above sea level alongside the hudson river


shaolin where the guns go pop

so many bridges

this tree has a big secret
we drove through part of connecticut that got so boring it lost color....crazy
there was an F-2 tornado 20 miles from my house on saturday afternoon
global warming is apparently horseshit


good morning vietnam



think redwoods are big? think again. There's a fungus in oregon that covers more than 1500 acres. Of course you can't see this fungus as it is mostly subterranean, but it does send up small called honey mushrooms. The fungus was discovered after Mycologists were sent to the area to investigate an abnormally large number of pine tree deaths. In order to figure out what it was, they sampled the DNA extracted from the honey mushrooms from all over the area affected by the fungi. When the results came back they were astonished to find the dna to be identical, revealing that over six million square meters of pine trees were being killed by a single organism. Armillaria ostoyae kills trees by sending out tendril-like rhizomorphs which enter the roots and vascular system of trees, depriving them of water and nutrients.

Did I mention that it came from a single spore germinated over a thousand years ago?

think about it


living legends

heavy rotation lately, check it

more ink

people probably wonder why my hands have black spots all over them when i'm in class. worth it
this here's a work in progress, stay tuned


more ink

flowing pattern or something


sunday on the town

filmed by me

A Natural High from Jack Byers on Vimeo.

sunday afternoon


guess what

it would be impossible to know the meaning of only one word.


ink pens

I bought some ink pens/nibs the other day along with some brick red and black india ink. I've haven't messed around with ink very much but I haven't put my sketchbook down for a few days. Here's a little taste of what's been going on in those pages...

Keepin it real. . .

 I'm artsy as fuck