A few laps from Toggenburg

*with a scratched wide angle and patchy clouds.


I've been super busy lately, lots of work going into getting the park up and running. Once I start classes I'll have some time to sit down and hammer out some content, but until then....go skiing!

took stock of my future in college

and it looks something like this


hit you with some music

This song is incredible. When Radiohead plays it in concert they use actual radio and tv stations to provide the background noise. You may notice a small tv at the beginning of the vid
The national anthem live- radiohead
the live track is available on the rare but completely worth it "I might be wrong"


...realized how weird it is when...

you go to say goodbye to someone on the telephone and they use the same exact parting words as you. I think the next time it happens I'm going to halt the goodbye, and ask the person on the other end if they ever considered being a little more original. It's just downright awkward


Keepin it real. . .

 I'm artsy as fuck