busy kid

Lots of stuff going on lately and havent had much time for this. To break the silence is this exceptionally open-ended short film:


Adam Haynes Adam Haynes
The artist behind the recent nike 6.0 efforts. The first one is sweet... harkens back to a time before photography dominated diptychs.

drugs be gone!

IF you're in the need of a good laugh, direct your browser none elsewhere but this link. Question of the day: how can someone be a parent and not think their kid gets blunty as hell



Saw this video over on JustPassingThru. If I can make facial expressions like the guy in this video...sign me the hell up


short hiatus

cerebral compost will be going on a(n unfortunately) scheduled hiatus for the next week so that I can accompany my family to the Jersey Shore for a fambly reunion. If anyone would like to find me/get in touch with me go to Beach Haven Nj and look for the lanky kid without gel in his hair and a constant stream of bro-fanity coming out of his mouth. Ciao


some better bump for the tribe in your trunk

finally feels like summer today, which i'm all about... heres 2 songs to keep your head moving for the weekend


the high line

80 years ago, NYC's West side restoration project lifted dangerous street level New York Central Rail Road freight trains and tucked them safely several stories above ground. In addition to creating a 1.5 mile long unique structure, the High Line also created a similarly shaped swath of nonplussed tenement residents who would have quickly fallen in love with Ambien, had it appeared on the scene several decades to the left. When big oil barons shifted the nation's main mode of transport to interstate trucking (read: moving a stone wall rock-by-rock in favor of a wheelbarrow for the sake of profit), the High Line was abandoned. As the crystal ball did it's yo-yo act on top of One Times Square, mother nature began to have her way with the tracks. Office workers, tenants, and the like would glance out their windows overlooking the archaic rail road tracks and notice it's likeness to a wildflower speckled green caterpillar snaking through the city. Following the path of many a city roof, the former High Line is now being turned into a city park. Read more here. In reference to the Stockholm Subway Stories post below, I can only hope this project goes from being a public spaces reclamation to a public art exhibit...


yesterday's new quintet

Here's a short piece outlining the impact of YNQ on hip hop. Really worth checking out, and I strongly recommend it if you're one of the buffoons who still believes hip hop is just n bombs and noise

stockholm subway stories

scrounge some seconds sir and submerge your scrutinizers in this sumptuous spectacle of spectacular street art.

Keepin it real. . .

 I'm artsy as fuck