Ski season has arrived!

Ski season begins! After a copious snowfall last night. Today I met up with some friends from Ithaca to find some handrailage. After checking out a few spots, our lack of a drop-in led us to a 60ish foot down rail on the left of 36 wooden stairs. Before setting up the rail we sessioned a knoll packed into a butter pad by some local sledders. After that got old, we moved over to the rail and the session was on. We were situated on a hill over looking Syracuse and the weather created a surreal backdrop. It was sunny over the rail for most of the day, while black snow squalls rolled by in the distance over the City. One of my buddies from Ithaca, Chris, did the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen on a rail anywhere; wait for the footage, it will blow your mind. Another kid from Ithaca named Alex cleaned the rail without moving a muscle, and then came super close to a frontside 270. I ended up with a frontside 270 out but had to quit after catching a ski under the rail and taking a stair to the mouth. My camera batteries were dead but Alex and Chris were taking pictures all day so I should have some shots at some point. Day 1 of the 2008/2009 ski season was a monster success.


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