Unquestionably THE most misconstrued plant on the face of the earth. What motivates people to see herb as a destroyer? I was recently met with criticism over a research paper I am writing on the social effects of decriminalization of Cannabis. My opponent was significantly less open minded and unbiased than myself. Her use of circular logic was frustrating, and eventually I gave up fighting my point and let her walk away smug with what she saw as a victory. The backbone of her argument was that Cannabis is illegal. This point holds no merit whatsoever, and I refrenced how only a few hundred years ago, Heliocentric theory was also considered criminal. Her reaction proved that history only repeats itself. I am a firm believer that when the world is ready to accept Cannabis for the versatile plant it is, it will take a place in history among other controversial ideas. This belief is already mostly true, as a large portion of the world smokes or ingests Cannabis in some way, shape or form.
The people who can't see Ganga in this way have become unapproachable to me. There is so much of the world that they are ignoring and refusing to subscribe to, simply because they believe the lies they are fed. I enjoy provoking these types into talking about weed, and most become very uncomfortable in talking with someone who "does drugs". Through my discussions I have realized that since Cannabis is classically referred to as a drug, many opponents of the plant view users as though they have a problem. Cannabis is neither habit forming, nor has it ever proven to be harmful to the body. The studies whose results provided the "brain damage claims" consisted of giving rhesus monkeys the equivalent of several pounds of marijuana at once through a gas mask. The brain damage reported was not from THC, but rather from the smothering effect of only being able to breathe smoke. Please, before you hate, think long and hard about what you are hating on, and if one day you will go down in history as an idiot who fought in court to protect the notion that the Earth was the center of the universe...

A little side note, I try to refrain from using the term Marijuana as it was the name given to the plant by the Government during the criminalization process..


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