Two short films

I found this great short film called Palindromo, telling the story of a man who has lost everything. The neat part about the film is that it's shown in reverse, so throughout the film you piece together the backwards dialogue. Great film.

The second film: La Paradoja de Arrow takes its' name from the Arrow Paradox, or Arrow Impossibility Theorem Demonstrated by Kenneth Arrow. Understanding the Arrow Paradox is a very involved process which took me the better part of an hour to get the basics. You can read about the Arrow Paradox here. The film itself is a visual play on this theory through downright beautiful cinematography and seamless graphic effects. I feel as though I can relate to the film, especially the intro, as it is a telling take on day-to-day life. Pay very close attention to the seemingly innate details spliced in, each one evoked familiar feelings for me.


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