...realized i forgot about this for 9 days

wow, so last time we spoke I was in vermont and it was snowing? Shit lots of things have happened since then; for starters, I can hear it raining outside. You may wonder why it's 2:43 in the morning and I'm posting this. Well there's an easy answer for that, just let me open another package of toblerone....that's better. Anyway, it's 2:45 now because I'm drunk as shit and listening to techno, god what a killer combination. I just got a text message, hold on. OK I'm back now and theres some Toblerone on my screen for some reason, probably going to end up getting smudged in and I'm going to wonder why there's a smudge on my screen for the next few weeks before finally wiping it off with a kleenex. good shit, along with my rambling,
I guess it's only necessary that I inform you dear internet readers (if you actually exist?) of how I ended DAB'ing (drinking and blogging for the acronymically impaired)

I'm sure I'll have some substance to schlep up on here about my whereabouts for the past week, since it's been rather eventful, but since I'm as drunk as I am, its probably better for me to focus on the issues at hand. Headed into the great "city" of Syracuse (read: not a city) tonight for some good ol' Dinosaur BBQ. I'm not completely sure of the spelling of BBQ, so I'm leaving it as an abbreviation so to avoid any loss of dignity on my part. Simply put. DBBQ is the home of the best BBQ around, period. If any of you smart types would like to challenge this, I have friends from several Western States who can confirm the legitimacy of DBBQ, and agree that it is better than any hidden gem of a chain restaurant found in the west (since we all know there's only chain restaurants west of the Mississippi until one reaches the shores of Long Beach). That being said, I was off on my adventure with good friends and a fair amount of Rum which was being hit harder than a joint before a high school dance.
Upon arrival we discovered an hour and a half wait for a table, so we put our names in and left in search of adventure. It didn't take long to find pure gold. In a city park in the center of Syracuse is located an ice rink, and we discovered that tonight was free skate night.

Sizes announced, skates laced, and wobbly ankles ignored as we took to the ice. Public ice rinks are where washed up high school hockey stars go to reassure themselves of their place in the world. Given the job of ice patrol, these decorated heroes of hockey scoured the ice like falcons, looking for any sign of unfair play.
After skating got old we proceeded back to the car to imbibe several more doses of rum, and then on to Dinosaur BBQ, the best rib joint in the solar system.
Words cannot do this food justice, and neither can grainy cellphone pictures, so youre just going to have to take my word for it, visit a restaurant, or you already know the dopeness of DBBQ because you live in Syracuse, Rochester, Harlem, or Chicago.f

Peace, love, and pulled pork..,


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