my friend anna made this for her graphic design class, and i think it looks pretty cool. I did the graphic for the skis I'm wearing-the skis were originally all black. The "wave", the board I've been drawing on, is looking NUTS but alas I keep forgetting to cop batteries for my camera so it'll have to wait. I woke up at 4am a few nights ago and just attacked the board with markers. I wasn't even drawing anything in particular, it just flowed from my brain to the deck. That means the board is probably never going to see the action it was meant for, but I can live with that. stay tuned for some pictures of THAT. anyway, shout out to anna benedetto for a nifty little edit:


Anna said...

hey I DID make that! woot wooot =) awesomeness

Keepin it real. . .

 I'm artsy as fuck