NYC updated

these grainy, epileptic pictures tell the tale of a night of cheap chinese food, sapporo beer, and manhattan

browning out next to the tracks at 3am

little known fact: I shot the cover of slumdog millionaire months after the movie was released. producers came forward in time to get it.

six floor drop to trains


this conversation did not end well

430 feet above sea level alongside the hudson river


shaolin where the guns go pop

so many bridges

this tree has a big secret
we drove through part of connecticut that got so boring it lost color....crazy
there was an F-2 tornado 20 miles from my house on saturday afternoon
global warming is apparently horseshit


j u l i a n a said...

haha! love your captions. why wasn't i invited, eh?

Anna said...
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Keepin it real. . .

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