think redwoods are big? think again. There's a fungus in oregon that covers more than 1500 acres. Of course you can't see this fungus as it is mostly subterranean, but it does send up small called honey mushrooms. The fungus was discovered after Mycologists were sent to the area to investigate an abnormally large number of pine tree deaths. In order to figure out what it was, they sampled the DNA extracted from the honey mushrooms from all over the area affected by the fungi. When the results came back they were astonished to find the dna to be identical, revealing that over six million square meters of pine trees were being killed by a single organism. Armillaria ostoyae kills trees by sending out tendril-like rhizomorphs which enter the roots and vascular system of trees, depriving them of water and nutrients.

Did I mention that it came from a single spore germinated over a thousand years ago?

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