...pondered the existence of medium.

I was cleaning up at work today and grabbed a scrubby from the dish room. I noticed that the package said: "medium roughness scrubber". I thought to myself, why does the medium level of scrubby roughness exist? Either the job requiring scrubbing is something that's lightly attached, or it's cemented. I challenge anyone to look at a dirty tabletop and say that the objects making said tabletop dirty are attached with medium strength. NO, they either come right off, or you take a chisel to it. I don't understand why the medium of anything exists. If you're getting a soda at Burger King, you either get small because you are paying with change scrounged from under the car mats, or you get large because the worst thing that could happen is you're left with too much drink left over-which I've always found to be quite the tragedy (/sarcasm). I can speak as an authority on this topic because I am surrounded by avid large-beverage orderers, and I myself also enjoy a beverage of the large variety. Not once have I heard a friend exclaim with shear disdain, "I HAVE TOO MUCH SODA LEFT!".
But, due to the bulging of waist sizes, this medium rant has been skewed. What I always knew as a large soda is now the dreaded medium, to which I am happy, as the half-gallon-diabetes-inducing cruiser cup is not a very desirable purchase. Fat people aside, medium still sucks! If you're buying some weed, you wouldn't get a medium strain, if good shit's available, you get it! and if there's cheap, normal stuff floating around, why pay more for something described as....medium. If you're buying condoms, you're either getting big, or small. No one is going to underplay themselves if they can wear magnums, and in the same right if you're not big enough for magnums, well you can just shut up. Again with the offensive stuff, I swear I'm not this offensive of a person. Medium presents a paradox in my mind, the underdog choice that's not quite so much an underdog as small. Yet I know medium will still carry on, mainly as a way to describe poorly though out ideas such as this blog, but will carry on none the less.

I will offer my two sense (I am too broke to provide my two cents): either shut it off, or crank that puppy up to full power, because the only thing worse than a failure is a wanna-be-winner.


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