Got out of class on friday, decided to head to Ithaca for some fun. Hit the road at about 6:30, got in around 8. First stop was the local Taco Bell for a quick dinner. Despite the fact that the inside of the Bell was closed, we were still admitted and fed a nourishing and delicious meal, complete with some baked apple treats compliments of the staff of Taco Bell. Left Taco bell, everyone but myself, being the driver, took some warm-up shots of whisky. All of a sudden an ambulance comes roaring into the parking lot, lights ablaze, sheriff in tow. He proceeds to pull right up to my car, pause for about 20 seconds, then drive about 20 feet away, unload the stretcher and hoof it into the Bell. Strange events indeed.
Picked up good friend Juliana from Cornell and headed to a house on the outskirts of I-town. Party takes place in sick house, with lots of people painting upstairs, and others banging on various musical/nonmusical instruments downstairs. The crown jewel of the whole shebang however, was the balloon room. The balloonroom was simply what it promised, a room of balloons.

The balloons provided limitless entertainment, especially the yellow one. But after a while the balloon room took it's toll and we moved upstairs to do some painting. In all the excitement, I had been hitting Senor whisky a bit hard and didn't come up with anything too deep. Juliana came up with a sweet little number that now adorns the wall of the house.
Soon after, a congregation of people joined an impromptu jam session using anything from a saxophone, to bongo drums, to regular old pots and pans from the kitchen. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty impressive and definitely one of the coolest things i've ever witnessed. Night gets foggy from that point on, as I had at this point become fairly plastered.
I never know how to end blog posts by the way, it's always a torrent of thoughts coming out of my mind followed by silence. But check this out, I've been working on building a short drop down skateboard and it's coming along nicely, I just more or less finished the graphics I want for the bottom. 10-4, Over and out...
PS-Juliana has a blog too, and it's a much better place to waste some time than mine.


j u l i a n a said...

best night EVER.
we have to go back, please please please.

j u l i a n a said...

ps, killer wave.

Jack (John) said...

agreed, but the weather has to be nice next time so you can learn how to ride the wave!

Keepin it real. . .

 I'm artsy as fuck